Honoring Your Gift

One of the most common questions known to man is who am I and what was I created for. The first question is easy to answer so I will deal with the second one, what was I created for? Generally, we were created to be an extension of God and His purpose so he created us in such a way that would bring Him the greatest honor and glory. We each have a part to play in His grand scheme of things and that starts at the moment of conception. We all are acutely aware of the gifts and talents God has provided us with, along with our strengths and weaknesses which make up a vital part of our innermost being. There are times where we subconsciously operate in our divine purpose without being fully aware of what we are truly capable of due to the divine impartation we received before the foundation of the earth. Gods gifts are without repentance. It is up to the individual as to whose honor and glory it is used for. Writing your story is no different. Your personal story can impact and be a blessing to many people. It is up to you to seize the opportunity by taking pen and paper in hand thereby, blessing the world with the gift you have been given.